Foamit is ideal for use in yard build-ups and driveways. It can make up all the lower layers of the structure, which is built up on the primary base course and wearing courses. Construction is simple and quick and does not require any special equipment.

Utilizing Foamit’s angular structure as well as its light weight and thermal insulation qualities, costs can be reduced significantly. A reduction in working time comes when structures can be made simultaneously from a single material. Material savings arise from a decrease in diggings that need to be exported from the site and an increase in volumes that can be imported per truck trailer unit to the site due to its light weight.

The new construction is frequently on poor subsoils, resulting in depressions and frost pockets. It is not always considered that the fills used outside the house may weigh as much as a single-family house. This causes depressions which cause damage due to stress on piping, plumbing and other garden structures. These can be prevented by designing the relief structures carefully with foam glass aggregates.